How To Create A Free Blogging Website | Review and Guide



Have you ever wanted a website, but the idea of creating one seemed out of the question?

I thought this way too, that it would be too technical and expensive, until I discovered an easy way that exist and works.

I’ll show you how to create a free blogging site, and how you can do it in less than 3 minutes without any technical skill!

The truth about building a website

Building a website is something that makes most people nervous and intimidated. The task can seem very difficult, complicated and time-consuming.

The truth is, it is actually not of these and can be done in minutes on a free platform that I will present to you.

The technology has advanced so much that a beginner can build a website with a few pushs of a button.

I was actually one of those people intimidated, knowing that I didn’t have computer programming skills, etc. in order to build a successful website.

How to create a free website of blogs

I felt like I had to take a course or hire someone to do this, until I found a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

The process of building a website can really be done in minutes. The part that takes a lot of time is creating quality content (the writing part).

Writing content is the true heart of your website and will be the reason it is successful. It doesn’t matter how it looks if it doesn’t have valuable information to offer.

Once I found out that, that I didn’t need advanced programming skills, it was a burden on my shoulders.

I knew that having a well developed website is the key to success in making money online business.

This may be the perfect time to think about a website

I also want to point out that this would now be a great time to get involved in affiliate marketing.

The number of people Shop online has grown extremely rapidly, and Blogging Websites on articles are a great way to get the attention of a potential customer. It’s become the normal way to shop in this day and age.

Last year, in 2018, consumers spent more than $513 billion on the Internet on retail purchases. More and more people are using the web. Almost everyone has a cell phone, which they can also use for the Internet to shop.

How to create a free website of blogsThe fact that this market is growing so fast, and that so many people are spending so much money on it, gives other companies an incentive to start their own affiliate programs and market online.

Amazon is leading in this category, they have a lot of different products to promote. Their affiliate programs pays a decent percentage of the items sold.

Amazon is not the only affiliate program out there. There are many, so there are many opportunities here for those who are willing to learn. When I look at all the billions spent,

It makes me want to be on my part of the pie, and I’m sure you would. You can learn more about the steps to start on my How to Work in Affiliate Marketing page.

To achieve these financial freedom results, we will first need to establish a website. So now we see how easy it is to create a website, and how many opportunities are at hand. All we need to do is act.

Here is a short video, showing you step by step how fast and easy this process of building a website has become.

The process has been simplified

After watching this video, you can see how the process has become simplified over time compared to what it was.

Only 4 easy push button steps to have your own site in place and running. I also want to highlight WordPress.

This is the most popular and effective website building framework out there, which is the same one used on the Rich Affiliate platform.

It is ideal for creating content, which is the real thing that will make or break your business.How to create a free website of blogs

As I said earlier content is key, and here at Wealthy Affiliate all the tools you need to create great content are at your disposal.

There is a feature called SiteContent, which helps us keep track of our word count, as well as making sure our content is written correctly and helps us correct any errors.

It also ensures that our content is original and not stolen from anywhere, which could negatively affect our rankings in Google.

WordPress is simple to install, and does not involve coding/programming, and has many themes to choose from.

If you ever get stuck, there is a lot of support within our WA community because we all use WordPress.

It’s free to start

Now we see how easy it is to build a website, the next thing you might be worried about is how much it’s going to cost.

If you choose to join Wealthy Affiliate, the answer is that it will cost you nothing to start your business.

That’s why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation.

There is no other place on the Internet where you can find this kind of quality training.

The truth is, you don’t need a ton of money to succeed online. Let’s see what you really need to start an online business:

  • Host: $25-50 for quality host (WP engine,
  • Email Autoresponder: $20 per month (
  • Domain: $15 per year (
  • Website Builder: FREE (,
  • A passion/interest: FREE (you decide!)

That’s $85-$100 dollars at most depending on a few factors, compared to the hundreds and thousands of dollars that other companies will try to rip you off by paying.

You’ll have all the tools you need to build a website, as well as a domain name and hosting, which is included when joining.

The biggest thing you need to succeed online alongside the tools is support and education. You need advice to put these things together and make the right decisions.

You have all the training and coaching you would need to succeed, plus 24/7 live support if you ever got stuck on anything.

Now you know how to create a free blog site, take action!

You can try it for free in case you think it’s too good to be true. You may think that you need a big investment to start your own business and that may be what is holding you back, but that’s not the case.

You will not be asked for a credit card number or personal information.

If you want more information about this platform, you can read my Wealthy affiliate Review here.

Now, the only thing you need to do to succeed is to act.

Practice what is taught, follow all the training that is offered and ask questions.

Everything is there for you to succeed, the rest is yours.

I am always there to help and give feedback. Please leave your questions or comments below.

To your success,