Is The 4 Percent Group A Scam? (Review) | Review and Guide



  • Product name: The Group of Four Per cent
  • Price: $49 monthly and more than $12,000 for the entire system
  • Owner: Vick Strizheus (Vitality Strizheus)
  • Website:
  • Aimed at: Affiliate marketing
  • Overall ranking: 5/10
  • Verdict: Not recommended

Will Group A of 4 percent scam? That is the question we will have an answer to by the end of this review.

There are so many Internet marketing products and communities that promise you success. Most of us who have been marketing online for a while now have learned that this is not always true.

Is the Group A scam 4 percent or is it legitimate?

Let’s start by talking about the owner of the product. The owner is a man named Vick Strizheus. He has been in the Internet marketing industry for a while.

There is no doubt that he knows how to make money online, however, he does not have the best reputation in this industry. Is Group A's 4 percent scam

He was arrested for writing false insurance claims and was in jail for a while, and he also had some of his past products that many people consider a scam.

He was also involved in a company called Empower Network, which was a Multi-level marketing company that went bankrupt.

He created products that marketed funnels to get people to ultimately sign up for Empower Network.

One of these products was called “The Big Idea Mastermind” which was closed because Vick was supposed to change other peoples id affiliated with its own for more commissions.

Nevertheless, he is still a brilliant marketer, people just have a hard time trusting him.

So with regard to this new company, the group of 4 percent, He got his name from Vick make a statement.

He says about 100 people who want to improve their lives, about 80% of them will complain about their lives and will not do anything about it.

He also says that 16% of them will do something, but they will be skeptical and they will not follow through, and only 4 per cent of people will do something without questioning it because they know it will work.

It seems to me that Vick just wants you to do what he says and if you question him, then you will not succeed.

Thus, the 4 percent group is essentially an affiliate marketing company that asks you to buy products such as Aweber (autoresponder) and ClickFunnels, and Name Cheap, among other products.

They also want you to buy their own products as well, with the business plan to market them all and earn affiliate commissions.

If you’re new and want to learn a little more about affiliate marketing, check out my How to Work in the Affiliate Marketing page here.

What is the training strategy for the 4% of groups

When you sign up for the 4 percent group, you’ll have access to what’s called their “7 Steps for Results” guide to get started.

These are:

New Members’ Direction (Strategy Is All) This is essentially an introduction to the program where they will pass on all the details and strategies for online success.

Fast configuration – Multiple flows of revenue activation – This is where they will give you the tools and affiliate programs that you will need to buy in order for this strategy to work.

Your “Cash Machine” configuration This is where you will set up your “made for you” marketing funnel that is promised to convert.

Power activation (How to get results in 24 hours) – At this point, you will have your sales funnel setup and will receive instructions on how to earn money in 24 hours without spending money on ads.

Plant your flag, become unstoppable In this step, you will learn how to model the best income and what they do, regarding how to save money and maximize your income.

Do this to create “Invisible Power” – Here you will learn a secret and rules to follow for massive success.

Operation 100K This is where you’ll see Vick create a brand new campaign from scratch and earn 100k of it. You’ll have the chance to see every move and click in real time.

That’s where you got it. This is the “7 steps for results” when you started. That sounds good, but let’s talk about how much it will cost.

How much will it all cost?

Is Group A's 4 percent scam

Well, let’s see, you’ll need to buy all the tools needed for your funnels to work. These include:

  • Tecademics: $100 per month or a one-time payment of $12,000 (Internet marketing training)
  • ClickFunnels: $97/month (Creator of sales funnels)
  • LeadPages: $37/month (Landing Page Builder)
  • Click Magick: $17/month (tracking tool)
  • Getresponse: $15/month (Autoresponder)
  • Aweber: $19/month (Autoresponder)
  • Udimi: Depends (Solo Ads)
  • NameCheap: $12 per year (Domain Name)

Now you wouldn’t need to buy all of these, but it’s an idea about how much things can cost, aside from the membership fee you pay each month.

Now there are 3 different membership fees.

Is Group A's 4 percent scam

Lite: $7 a month for those who want to test it, but it has limited functions.

Pro: $49 per month, which is the most popular and what is needed to run the program once you have purchased all the tools.

Elite Pro: $5,000 per year, for more experienced marketers who are already making money using the system.

Pros and cons


  • Not a scam
  • Strategy that works
  • Good products to promote


  • Lots of products to buy
  • No affiliate marketing training is expected to cost $12,000
  • Doesn’t teach every aspect of marketing
  • Traffic strategies mainly paid (more money to spend)
  • Not the choice which products to promote


Will Group A of 4 percent scam? No, I wouldn’t say it’s a scam, but I suggest a better way to make money online.

I will not recommend the 4 per cent group.

With this, there are many products to buy, and you will not be able to promote these products without buying them. To do this, you have to spend more money to see a profit.

I would also like to add that there is no way an Internet marketing education will cost $12,000, when you can find a better one for anyone where near that price. Is Group A's 4 percent scam

If you really want to learn how to make money online, I have something much more efficient and much cheaper.

I’m talking about an online platform called Wealthy Affiliate,

This platform is an online university for affiliate marketing.

They have classrooms, as well as up-to-date training on all topics when it comes to online marketing.

This includes email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing, local marketing and click-based marketing (PPC).

The most important thing about starting to make money online is guidance and support. Without proper training, you are likely to fall victim to scams and waste a lot of money, as many of us have.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, there is 24/7 live support in case you ever get stuck on anything.

Shoulder training is very easy to follow, and you will succeed if you follow the training because it is always up to date. Is Group A's 4 percent scam

It’s a free risk to begin with, you won’t be asked for a credit card or personal information.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your luck is here.

Take a look at my Wealthy affiliate review here for more details on this community before you make your decision.

Everything is there for you to succeed online, everything what you have to do is act.

As always, I’m always there to help. Please leave any questions or comments below,

To your success,


Group 4 per cent

$49 monthly, $12,000 for the entire system


  • Legitimate business model
  • Good products to promote
  • Good strategy


  • Too many products to buy
  • Expensive Upsell ($12,000)
  • Doesn’t teach all aspects of affiliate marketing
  • Strategies that are mainly paid for (more money to spend)
  • No choice on which products to promote