Is The Secret Society Of Millionaires A Scam? | Review and Guide



  • Product name: Secret Society of Millionaires
  • OwnerIn: Jason Alton
  • Price: $49, Plus MOBE Upsells
  • Aimed atNew Internet Marketers
  • Overal ranking:1/10
  • VerdictIn: Scam

Is the Secret Society of Millionaires a scam? That is something we will look at.

We’ll learn more about the program and what it offers to see if it’s really worth a while.

What is the secret society of millionaires

SSOM is a product launched by a man named Jason Alton. It is said that you will be mentored by this man in order to become a millionaire.

So the price of this product is $49 to start with. You will then have access to a training course that promises to succeed online. You will have access to the video on how you will be able to make a lot of money online.

However, there are more steps that you need to complete in order to earn that money. In stages, I mean buy more products, also known as upsells.

The truth is that SSOM is actually just a sales funnel to get you involved in another Internet marketing company called MOBE, which means My Own Business Education.

There are many marketers, also known as gurus who use these tactics. They will sell you a low level product, just to put your focus on the biggest high ticket product they are really trying to sell. This is called a sales funnel.

The real price

Sp after spending that $49, you’re probably thinking wow, it was a good price to get rich. Well, you might want to think again.

Now, as I mentioned, it’s quite a sales funnel in order to get you to sell MOBE products, and it’s not cheap. In order to sell MOBE products to others, you must first own them yourself, which means you have to buy them.

I’ll show you an example of how much money you’re looking to spend to succeed with MOBE.

Is the secret society of millionaires a scam

Now it’s a little steeper than your $49, isn’t it? These people will continue to put pressure on you to buy these high ticket items and then want you to put pressure on others to buy them as well.

It’s about trying to present yourself as a Multi-level marketing network, however, it is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

I hate practices like this, and I want to add and say that you don’t need anywhere near that amount of money to start a successful online business.

If you see a company trying to sell you this stuff at this kind of price, please stay away from it.

If you are having trouble identifying a true multi-level marketing network from a pyramid scheme, please take a look at my best marketing strategies for the online business page here.

Is the secret society of millionaires a scam

Now we come to the question, is SSOM a scam? Although now that we have established that SSOM is nothing but a way to get you to sell MOBE products, allows you to dig a little deeper.

Who exactly is this jason Alton? Well, a Google image search proved that there is no Jason Alton, and this image was actually from ShutterStock, a site where you can buy stock photos.

Is the secret society of millionaires a scam

This is no surprise to me. I’ve come across many, many products that gurus create, and where they hire actors in order to trick you into buying products out there.

Even the testimonials of people in the sales video were false.

Is the secret society of millionaires a scam

So is this person behind this product uses fake photos to promote the owner of SSOM, and also hiring actors to lie about how much money they made from the product, we have to ask ourselves how credible this product is.

If it was really converting and making people as much money as they say, then why would the real landlord have to hire people to lie.

So in my opinion, YES, this product is a scam.

When you use bad marketing practices, it will eventually catch up with you. If you’re trying to buy SSOM right now, you wouldn’t be able to. The website URL has been

If you type this into the search bar now, you no longer exist this page, how ironic.

I should also mention that MOBE, was officially closed by the FTC to be a Pyramid system. The Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against the founders of MOBE.

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Is the secret society of millionaires a scam

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To your success,


Secret Society of Millionaires

$49, More MOBE Upsells

Price Vs Competition



  • Ridiculously overpriced
  • No real coaching
  • False testimonies
  • False owner
  • Funnel sale to a pyramid scheme