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Have you noticed how online shopping has become more popular over the years? I quickly learned that Ecommerce is the way of the future when it comes to the latest Internet/Online Marketing Trends.

I know I started shopping online more myself, but I didn’t realize how many others were until I saw the numbers.

More and more people are spending money online, while more and more affiliate marketers are making money online to promote products.

I will talk about these numbers and how they are on the rise, as well as the opportunity it presents for people who would like to learn how to make money online.

This can be a great opportunity

The number of online shoppers, also known as consumers, have spent money at an extremely rapid rate.

In 2017, e-commerce retail sales totaled $453.5 billion. In 2018, retail sales of e-commerce were $513.12 billion. This will continue to increase as online shopping becomes the norm.

There are a lot of affiliate networks out there that need advertising products help. According to the figures, now is the perfect time for a person to enter the online affiliate marketing business.

Latest Internet Trends / Online Marketing

People who benefit from it are able to quit their jobs and live the most dream lifestyle of. Financial freedom is something I’m sure we all desire. I talk more about it on my What Are The Benefits Of An Online Business page.

You have places like Amazon, which captured 44% of all e-commerce sales in 2017, and about 49% in 2018. That’s billions of dollars that people spend online. Amazon, like other large companies, offer an affiliate program, where if you help sell some of their products, you can earn a percentage of the sale.

Even though Amazon is the most popular company where people spend the most online, they are not the only ones. You have companies such as Walmart, Apple, Macy’s, Target, etc. that all offer similar affiliate programs.

There are many opportunities today to make money online. All a person would really need to do is learn how to promote these business products. You can make a full-time income to do this enough, if done correctly.

I don’t know about you, but for me, I see this as an opportunity. If a lot of money is spent, I want my share.

I’m in the affiliate marketing business, which is defined as “the process of earning a commission by promoting other (or company) products.

You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of profit, known as a Commission for every sale you make.

If people spend all this money on Amazon products, as well as products from other companies, why shouldn’t I help promote these products for profit?

Educate yourself to take a piece of the pie, it’s free!

Most people don’t get involved in affiliate marketing because they don’t know how, or feel they need a significant investment.

This is far from the case. It can take thousands of dollars and loans from a bank to start a successful downtown business from a physical address. It costs nothing close to that when starting an online business.

Latest Internet / Online Marketing Trends

You can start an online business for less than a hundred dollars. These are the things you would need to start an online business:

  • Accommodation: $25-50 for quality accommodation (WP engine,
  • Email Autoresponder: $20 per month (
  • Domain: $15 per year (
  • Website Builder: FREE (,
  • A passion/interest: FREE (you decide!)

You can see it won’t cost in the thousands. That’s all you’d really need, in addition to the training and support that is.

I offer you something here where you can learn how to promote products and become an affiliate marketing.

I’m also offing you a way to start your own online business and work from the comfort of your own home doing it, and as I said, what I have to offer is FREE.

Take advantage of the opportunity at your fingertips

I am talking about an online community called Wealthy Affiliate. They train you how to turn your passion into your own online business.

All this can be done from the comfort of your own home and is safe to begin with. You will not be asked for a credit card number or personal information. You have nothing to lose by checking this opportunity.

Latest Internet Trends / Online Marketing

Learning to promote products online can open many doors, and eventually lead to financial freedom. The amount of money people spend online speaks for itself.

They offer high-end training. This training is up to date and teaches you how to make money online in all aspects.

It also teaches you about scams out there and how to identify and avoid them.

They offer websites, which include a domain name and hosting, all for free. They have a website builder tool that will allow you to have your website in less than 3 minutes.

There’s a 24/7 support, which means you’ll never get stuck. There will always be someone to help you.

Education is everything in this area. You’ll be in touch with some of the world’s top Internet marketers here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, the only thing you need to do to succeed is to act. Practice what is taught, follow all the training that is offered and ask questions.

It’s not a get-rich-fast diet, it’s training on how to establish a legitimate online affiliate marketing business that will lead to financial freedom if taken seriously.

It won’t happen overnight, and anything that promises lifetime results overnight is a scam. Hard work and dedication will bear fruit.

Everything is there for you to succeed, the rest is yours. Take a look at my rich affiliate Review now for more details before you make your decision.

I am always there to help and give feedback. Please leave your questions or comments below.

To your success,