The 100k Shout Out Review | Review and Guide



  • Product name: The 100k Shout Out
  • Price: $2497 or 3 payments of $997
  • Owner: Adam Munch
  • Website:
  • Aimed at: Marketing Internet
  • Overall ranking: 8/10
  • Verdict: Recommended

This is a 100k Shout Out Review, and for those of you who are not familiar with the program, it makes claims to help people generate income online.

This is a program that claims it can help anyone’s business-wide, whether they are completely new to Internet marketing, have some experience, or already have an established business.

How does the 100k Shout Out work?

Let’s go into detail about this program. First of all, I want to mention the creator, Adam Munch.

Adam Munch is an entrepreneur- viral content strategist best known for founding the fastest growing press release distribution company, as well as a history freeing up independent websites and software into the wild web. The Creator of Shout Out 100k

As we can see, it has a good reputation, which is a good sign. Many products that are scams – poor quality do not even recognize and owner, or use a false name.

This course has a simple process set up, and they have a traffic tool that is included, called Ampifire, which produces amazing results.

The training is complete, live, so once you become a member, you will have access to videos and tools inside the member’s area.

There is a 2 hour training video and walk through to make you feel comfortable with the program and what it is. Then there are weekly live webinars starting week 2.

Their Ampifire tool is pretty easy to set up, given the fact that they will do almost all the work for you.

This is the tool that will get your item or offer in front of people in many ways.

Step 1- Some Startup Questions

They will ask you what you want your item or offer to focus on? They need to know what it is so they can put it together for you.

Then they will ask you what your theme is when promoting this article or offer.

Step 2- Pictures

All this step requires is that you download the images you want to be displayed in your article or offer, which they call Amp.

Step 3- Choose a category

In the third step, you will receive a deposit box to choose from. That’s the category of you Amp. This will dictate the type of audience you want your results to be displayed in front of.

There are many categories to choose from, such as food, business, automotive, finance, etc.

This step is essential, and it is the difference between traffic and targeted traffic. We all want targeted traffic, or those who would be interested in what we promote.

Step 4- Your company’s information

This is where you will need to enter your company’s information. This will require that the name, address, website and contact email be used in your submissions.

Step 5- Submission

The final step is going to be to submit your article, or offer, aka Amp. You will have the option to choose whether you want it to be a recurring submission, or only submit it once.

I find it an amazing quality, to have an option to submit again on the autopilot included in this tool.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and need more details on how it all works, check out my How to Work in the Affiliate Marketing page here.

The 100k Shout Out Traffic Potential

That’s the amazing part, because we all know we need Web traffic to create sales for our company. More is good.

Once your 5 steps are complete, their team gets to work and writes your article for you. They usually complete it within 2 working days.

The 100k Shout Out Traffic

After that, it will submit it to many news articles sites, including Google News (446 News Sites) as well as many high-level traffic blogs and high authority.

He also creates an audio file and tunes it to several podcast sites, and creates a slideshow and submits it to various slideshow sharing sites

It also creates a video from content, and adds it to Youtube, Vimeo, and other news channels. This will save you a lot of time knowing that their team is doing all this for you, and a lot of money too.

it is not cheap to promote to all these different sources, and it is also very long.

Pros and cons


  • No website required
  • Items made for you
  • Excellent source of traffic
  • Great training
  • 60-day refund guarantee


  • Very expensive
  • Will take some time for the results
  • Must buy credits for bids
  • Don’t have control of your items


As we can see, there are many benefits to this program. However, there are also some negatives to this program as well.

What I can say is that the 100k Shout Out is definitely not a scam by any means. I want to talk about the price first. Not everyone has $2,500 to distribute to use this program, but if they did, I would encourage it.

It can certainly save you a lot of time when you’re not the one who writes the articles, or advertise them. The 100k Shout Out Review

All in all, I think it’s a fair price regarding how much it would cost to do it al yourself, EVERY single item.

One bad thing about De Fait programs for you is that you really don’t have full control over your business.

What I mean by that is that you cannot agree on what they write or how they promote your comments.

It’s not a bad program, but I’m involved in an online community where you can learn the basics of internet marketing for a cheaper way than that.

You can learn for less than $50 a month and you can start for free.

I’m talking about an online platform called Wealthy Affiliate,

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They have classrooms, as well as up-to-date training on all topics when it comes to online marketing.

This includes email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing, local marketing and click-based marketing (PPC).

The most important thing about starting to make money online is guidance and support. Without proper training, you are likely to fall victim to scams and waste a lot of money, as many of us have.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, there is 24/7 live support in case you ever get stuck on anything.

Shoulder training is very easy to follow, and you will succeed if you follow the training because it is always up to date.The 100k Shout Out Review

This is a FREE risk to begin with, you will not be asked for a credit card or personal information.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your luck is here.

Take a look at my Wealthy affiliate review here for more details on this community before you make your decision.

Everything is there for you to succeed online, all you have to do is act.

As always, I’m always there to help. Please leave any questions or comments below,

To your success,


The 100k Shout Out

$2497 or 3 payments of $997


  • No website required
  • Items made for you
  • Excellent source of traffic
  • Great training
  • 60-day refund guarantee


  • Very expensive
  • Will take some time for the results
  • Must buy credits for bids
  • Don’t have control of your items