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When someone has an Internet business and relies on referencing itself as a traffic strategy, they will know that keyword search is very important.

Jaaxy is considered the #1 keyword search tool in the industry by many seO experts.

Today I’m going to give The Jaaxy Tool Review, and go in depth on what this keyword search tool has to offer with its awards.

  • Product Name: Jaaxy
  • Price: $0, $19 per month and $49 per month
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • Website:
  • Aimed at: Everyone, beginners – Experts
  • Overall ranking: 10/10
  • Verdict: Legitimate

Jaaxy is the number one keyword tool out there. It not only has a function, but is home to the best free keyword search tools you can find.

Getting our website ranked in Googles first couple places is what we all want to do as internet marketing. For those who are familiar with making money online, this is a must.

The higher you rank in Google, the more visitors you will attract to your site.

The more visitors visit your website, the more potential sales you can make. Jaaxy is a tool that can really change your business. The Review of the Jaaxy Tool

Jaaxy will help you find high traffic, and low-competitive keywords. This is definitely a tool you will need to use when building your website.

You can also use it for different ideas when adding to your blog posts. Jaaxy collects its data from the three largest search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Jaaxy was created by two Internet marketing professionals whose names are Kyle and Carson. They really understand the importance of Searching for keywords.

These two internet entrepreneurs are known for many successful projects. They even founded my #1 recommendation for the success of affiliate marketing, which is the Wealthy Affiliate University. Their names are highly valued and respected in the industry.

Pros and cons


  • Extremely easy to use
  • The data are extremely accurate
  • Low in cost vs. competitors
  • No downloads or installation required
  • Leaves out unnecessary data
  • Accessible from multiple devices
  • Updates automatically
  • Great training
  • Great support


I can honestly say that I can’t find any flaws in this tool. Jaaxy offers everything an Internet marketer would need in a keyword tool.

For whom is the review of the Jaaxy tool?

Jaaxy is not just for Internet marketers, but for anyone who is trying to make money online or who wants their content to be seen.

This is a tool must have for those who rely on seO for traffic. It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, Jaaxy will help you get the keywords you need to get ranked in search engines.

Training and tools

Jaaxy is mainly used as a keyword tool. It gives an abundance of valuable information that I will break down.

The Review of the Jaaxy Tool

Let’s take a look at what the keyword tool consist of:

Avg. (Monthly searches): This is the number of searches that a keyword has per month. This is the total search traffic for this keyword on the three main combined search engines, which are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

-Estimated traffic: This is an estimate of the traffic you will get to your website in a month if your site were to rank on Googles first page.

-Rated search results (QSR): This will let you know how many pages are competing for the same exact keyword or keyword on Google.

Jaaxy uses a high-end algorithm to determine keyword competition in all search engines to give you a reliable figure.

-Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI): It is the traffic light system indicator that shows you the colors of a traffic light to rank your keyword. Red being bad, Yellow is good and green is great.

-SEO Power: This score ranges from 0 to 100 (100 being the best). This allows you to know how good your keyword is for SEO.

You should try to go for keywords that have a low QSR and high SEO value.

-Domain search: Lets you know if there are exact domain name matches available for your keyword search.

Related keywords: This tool suggests closely related keywords or key phrases so you can look further into your keyword search.The Review of the Jaaxy Tool

Jaaxy also has features such as:

-Site ranking: This will allow you to see how well your site is doing. You can also use it to check the competition.

-Registered lists: This gives you the ability to save your keywords to a certain list if you want to use them in the future.

This is very useful when you need to go back in time for a keyword and don’t want to start over.

Alphabet Soup: It’s great when you’re looking for keywords. You simply put in a generic keyword, and it will give you ideas that you can use for long-tail keywords and also for content.

-Research analysis: Lets search for what is already on the three main search engines. You can check out websites that are ranked at the top for any specific keyword.

You can also see the settings of websites that rank at the top of search engines. It will show the following:

  • Title and URL
  • Meta description and meta keywords
  • Number of words
  • Links and backlinks on the site
  • Alexa rank,
  • Keyword density
  • Whether they use Adsense or not

-Research history: remembers your keywords you searched for even if you forgot to add them to your keyword lists.

Jaaxy is very easy to use, but there are 4 tutorials that show you how to use all the functions that Jaaxy has to offer.


-Start-up plan: They offer a free membership which is ideal for someone who would like to test the tool before buying it. It offers 30 free searches of all kinds.

-Plan Lite: This plan is free for those who are wealthy Premium Affiliate members. It offers unlimited keyword searches.

-Pro Plan: This plan is $19 per month which is designed for new and experienced Internet marketers. It has everything you need to succeed with keywords and seO. It offers the following:

  • Search 3 times faster (compared to free plan)
  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • QSR Keyword Contest (on demand – this means you have to click on a link to retrieve it);
  • Domain availability (on request)
  • REFERENCE Power Analysis
  • Site/post ranking
  • Keyword lists
  • Brainstorming
  • To make lists
  • 2 options for simultaneous search tabs
  • ‘Spy’ your competitors analysis.

-Business plan: This plan is $49 a month. This plan is for advanced marketers who need to build huge keyword lists for their many blogs and websites.

It offers everything the pro plan does, and also includes:

  • Works 5 times faster than the free plan, reducing search time
  • Gives you an instant analysis of the competition
  • Shows instant information about domain availability
  • Data sorting is now available
  • You can have up to 5 tab searches
  • Alphabet Soup search shows up to 50 results instead of just 15


Jaaxy is the best keyword tool available to Internet marketers handily. Their is not another keyword tool that I prefer to use or need to use.

If you are considering starting an online business, this is a must have. However, that’s not all you’ve gotn to succeed.

I am part of an online community called Wealthy Affiliate. They train you how to turn your passion into your own online business.

All this can be done from the comfort of your own home and is safe to begin with. You will not be asked for a credit card number or personal information.

Wealthy Affiliate has the top of the line and up-to-date training on all topics when it comes to making money online, including keyword search and seO.The Review of the Jaaxy Tool

It also offers free websites, free domains and accommodations to support your websites.

Their is 24/7 live support in case you ever get stuck, and guess what else, as I mentioned earlier, The two guys who founded this community are the same two guys who created Jaaxy.

Now, the only thing you need to do to succeed is to act. Practice what is taught, follow all the training that is offered and ask questions.

Everything is there for you to succeed, the rest is yours. Take a look at my rich affiliate review here for more details before you make your decision.

I am always there to help and give feedback. Please leave questions or comments below.

To your success,


Jaaxy Jaaxy

$0, $19. $49 per month


  • The data are extremely accurate
  • Great training and support
  • Easy to use
  • Accessible from multiple devices
  • Low in cost vs. competitors


  • Limited searches for free members