The LifeVantage Scam (Is It Really One?) | Review and Guide



  • Product name: LifeVantage
  • Price: $50 and $2,900 in upsells
  • Website:
  • Aimed at: Online marketing
  • Overall ranking: 2/10
  • Verdict: Not recommended

I’ve heard a lot about The LifeVantage Scam, so I thought it would only be fair if I checked the program myself.

LifeVantage is really a business, but they also have an affiliate program where you can sell their products and earn commissions by doing so.

That’s where people call it a scam, so that’s the aspect I’m going to look at, so we can determine if it’s really a scam and just a waste of money.

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Now, back to LifeVantage, let’s start.

The LifeVantage Scam, What is It?

We’ll determine if it’s really a scam or not, but first let’s take a look at what the business is and what they are.

LifeVantage is a science-based company dedicated to helping people achieve health goals through scientific solutions.

They were founded in 1988 as a retail company as did the names LifeLine Therapeutics, Lifeline Nutraceuticals, and Yaak River Resources, Inc.

The name LifeVantage was founded in 2003, and is headed by a man named Dave Manovich. They have developed nutraceutical products, one of which is Protandim, which is a herbal dietary supplement that claims it can treat a number of medical conditions. The Lifevantage Scam

The company claims to be the leader is the science Nrf2, which essentially improve your health and allow you to live a longer life.

Their main focus is on anti-aging products, and they are also a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ that uses the symbol “LFVM”.

As mentioned, the company focuses on your health and well-being.

They focus on anti-aging, and that’s what their products are claimed to help you with. They even have an anit-aging product for your pets.

I’ve never heard of anything like that.

LifeVantage has 4 main product lines that they market, and these products are:

1. Protandim – This is a line of herbal supplements said to treat many medical conditions, including diabetes and cancer, but this is very controversial.

It is also said to support overall health, concentration, mental clarity, energy and mood. This is the product that is also available for dogs.

2. TrueScience – It was a range of beauty products, which included anti-aging creams, lotions and facial cleansers. It has been said that in a clinical study, it has been proven to visibly treat the signs of aging.

3. PhysiQ – This is a product line that is more of a fitness aspect. He claims that these products help you lose weight, burn fat, and provide your body with protein.

4. AXIO – This is an energy drink, which is said to give you physical energy throughout the day, as well as mental energy to keep your mind focused and alert.

There is a lot of controversy around these products. In fact, the company got into trouble. None of the products are

They received a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding allegations of illegal advertising on the company’s website, stating that it can cure diabetes and cancer.

None of the company’s products are FDA approved.

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How does Lifevange’s MLM look work?

So let’s get into the Multi-level marketing (MLM) business aspect and see what kind of opportunity this company offers for online marketers who want to sell their products.

The LifeVantage Scam” is your average multi-level marketing company (MLM). You will be paid to sell their products, but you will also be paid for recruiting new members to do the same.

I want to emphasize that LifeVantage has not always been an MLM company. You were able to buy their products in regular stores, but they were removed from the shelves. The LifeVantage Scam

The company saw a greater opportunity thanks to MLM Marketing.

There are many opportunities in MLM, but many of them are pyramid schemes and close, so you have to be careful.

So the first things first, to start, you have to buy the starter kit for $50.

This will contain the training materials you need to start with the program.

After buying the $50 plus star-studded kit, you’ll be pushed to buy 4 more packages, which they’ll call launch options.

Each costs a lot more than the starter kit, but make claims that you will actually save money and earn more in the long run.

These 4 packages are:

1. Silver – $350 (20% savings)

2. Golden Master – $650 (25% savings)

3. Gold Performance – $650 (25% savings)

4. Platinum – $1,250 (30% savings)

There are also 8 different ways that you can earn money through LifeVantage:

  • Launch

The compensation plan, as well as how all 8 of these different ways can make you money can be a bit complicated. If you want to know more about it, you can Read the PDF compensation plan. Here.

Basically, the more people you recruit, and the more products you sell, the more money you will earn. However, most of the money you will earn will be to recruit people.

It’s a red flag for a pyramid scheme, and you have to be careful.

LifeVantage MLM Complaints

There are actually a lot of complaints with this program.

  • Many of them talk about the very complicated compensation plan that people have difficulty understanding how exactly it works.

You get a chart to understand your commission percentage and goes 9 levels deep into your down line. Here is an example of this table.

The Lifevantage Scam

Very confusing and hard to understand right?

  • They also complain about how they also have to place a monthly order to stay active and earn commissions. They don’t care if you need the product or not.
  • The pressure to recruit new members is also another pressure on the marketers involved in this program. Remember what I said earlier, how most of the money is made by recruiting members, not by selling products.
  • There are also many complaints that the products do not work as advertised. They claim that Protandim, is lying in his advertisement when he says he is made to be an Nrf2 activator.

However, studies have shown that the 5 ingredients protandim is made of, are also considered Nrf2 activators by themselves.

Protandim is just a mixture of all, making the false statement that “only” their product can in itself slow down the aging process.

There are also complaints that this product has had no effect on animals, besides the fact that none of these products are proven to work.

  • There are even more complaints about people having trouble cancelling their membership once they have started.

I imagine it would be difficult, because that is where the majority of the money comes from, recruiting new members.

I think I know pwhy people call it “The LifeVantage ScamI said, “Now. Few people seem to be very happy with what this program offers.

Most MLM companies have a failure rate of 67%, because it is difficult to maintain this type of business. However, LifeVantage has a 92% failure rate.

The numbers speak for themselves.

I also want to mention that despite the cost of products and packaging are, there are even more hidden costs to this program.

They offer to give you a free website to get started, which they do, however, this is a crumbly sub-domain site that will never tidy up or get free traffic from search engines like Google.

Which means, you will have to use other sources in order to get people to see the products you are promoting, which more than likely will be paid traffic methods.

Pros and cons


  • Possible to make money
  • Some people like products


  • Many complaints
  • Too expensive
  • Hard to cancel
  • Hidden costs
  • Complicated compensation plan

My conclusion on the LifeVantage program

After review “The LifeVantage Scam“, I have a few things I would like to say.

I can’t call this program a scam, because it isn’t. However, I absolutely do not recommend this program to anyone trying to make money online.

There are many more complaints, alarm bells and overall bad things about this program than there are good things and positive reviews.

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To your success,



$50 and $2,900 in upsells


  • Possible to make money
  • Some people like products


  • Many complaints
  • Too expensive
  • Hard to cancel
  • Hidden costs
  • Complicated compensation plan