What Is Digital Altitude About? | Review and Guide



  • Product name: Digital altitude
  • Price: $1 trial for 14 days, then $37 per month, $67 per month and $127 per month, then $57,585 in sales up
  • Owner: Michael Force
  • Website: www.digitalaltitude.co
  • Aimed at: Everyone, beginners – Experts
  • Overall ranking: 1/10
  • Verdict: Scam

What is digital altitude?

Digital Altitude is an online marketing company created by Michael Force.

It was founded in 2016. It is intended to teach people how to get into a business mindset, get an online business up and running, and then scale it up to make huge profits.

Michael Force is a former Marine, and is now a figure of 7 winning Internet marketing. He has become very successful online marketing by working for and being affiliated with some high-level affiliate marketing companies for over 15 years.

He is also responsible for training other Internet marketers. However, it is also responsible for endorsing a scam called the Mobile Money Code, which is no longer in use. Now he approves Digital Altitude.What is digital altitude

Digital Altitude is a high ticket coaching program that has a lot of sales to it and the prices they charge are more than the average person can afford.
It is not necessary to business and online to cost half of what they ask to start. It claims to offer high-end training.

They want you to buy all their products and then recruit people to do the same.

In order to promote a product that the company offers, you have to buy it yourself first, which is how the basic pyramid scheme works. You will only get a commission from the product you sell if you own it.

If you happen to sell a product that you have not bought, then 100% of that commission goes to the person who recruited you. You will not be paid unless you recruit members at Digital Altitude.

So what is digital altitude about? Looks like a Pyramid For me.

Pros and cons


  • Teaches good fundamentals on business and marketing
  • Easy to understand presentations


  • Up-sells that costs way too much
  • Pyramid
  • Must recruit people to be paid
  • “Coaches” who just push you and push to upgrade.
  • Won’t make real money unless you invest thousands

Who is Digital Altitude for

Michael Force himself said that the program was not designed for business people. It was designed for moms, dads, high school graduates, waiters and waitresses, passionate creatives, dropouts and anyone in between.

However, for the prices it charges (thousands of dollars), there is no way that people in these positions can afford these products unless they put everything into play and eventually take out loans.

I think it’s too risky for people who invest in something that is not 100% guaranteed to work for them.


Yes, there are people who participate in the program to communicate with, but I would not call for that support.

These “coaches” all have the common goal of pushing you to buy every overpriced product, so they can make a commission out of you.

They also suggest that they won’t be able to train you on certain things until you’ve bought more products. That is not my definition of direction and support.

Training and tools / Price

The training and tools available are offered at different levels and memberships. There are three levels, Aspire walker, Aspire Hiker, and Aspire Climber. The training available to everyone is as follows:

$1 Trial for 14 days

Aspire Walker $37 per month

  • Access to the members’ area
  • 40% commission per sale
  • Start training videos
  • 1 level payment

Hiker Aspire $67 per month

  • 50% commission per sale
  • 2 payment levels
  • Access to the members’ area
  • Start training videos
  • Monthly conference calls
  • Weekly training
  • Sales funnels
  • Customer for life coaches

What Is Digital Altitude About

Aspire climber $127 per month

  • 60% Commissions per sale
  • 3 levels of pay
  • Access to the members’ area
  • Start training videos
  • Monthly conference calls
  • Weekly training
  • Sales funnels
  • Customer for life coaches

You now have 5 memberships to buy in order to get the maximum results from the program. Remember that you must have these memberships in order to promote them and receive a commission.

1. Membership at the base $597 once

This is broken down into 3 sections using 12 video modules. These 3 sections are called Prepare, Launch and Grow.

It’s basically just video training to motivate you to get into a business mindset.

This encourages you to set goals for your business. This is something you can do with a little quality thinking time and not spend $600 in my opinion.

2. Increase membership 1997 only once

This is broken down into 5 sections, using 12 video modules. These sections are called Commit, Clients, Create, Words, Partners.

Again, this is basically just video training molding your mindset towards a successful business plan, and how to understand the needs of customers and how to market to them.

It also focuses on networking with like-minded people. It’s another $2,000 just for some motivational videos and ideas on how to network with other marketers.

I hope you haven’t almost broken up yet.

3. Ascend membership $9,997 once

This is a 3-day retreat in a Las Vegas hotel. The $9997 covers travel and all accommodations for two, so you can bring your partner, spouse or friend.

This is basically a 3 day workshop where they cover topics on how to get a lot of traffic.

It talks about how to brand you and your business, and how to network with other marketers. Most of this can actually be googled. Save your money.

4. Maximum membership $16,997 once

This is similar to Ascend membership, only it is a 5 day live workshop instead of 3 and costs $7,000 more.

It covers topics such as outsourcing and hiring people for your team to take advantage of your time.

It also covers how to give powerful presentations, and you’ll hear success stories from wealthy marketers. This may be useful information, but not where nearly $17,000 worth.

5. Apex membership $27,997 once

The latest membership in Digital Altitude. It is also a live workshop that lasts 7 days, also in Las Vegas.

This event is aimed at the best marketers, and the speakers will be mainly composed of experts and investment coaches.

The topics that will be discussed are the addition of income streams and how to invest with the money of other peoples.

It also covers the creation of long-term wealth strategies, and other “secrets” that the rich know. You can buy a car cheaper than this 7-day workshop.


So let’s do the math…

$37 and $67 and $127 and $597 and $1,997 and $9,997 and $16,997 and $27,997 and $57,816.

$57,816 in total to get everything you need to succeed with Digital Altitude.

The truth is, you don’t need anywhere near that to succeed online. Let’s see what you really need to start an online business:

  • Accommodation: $25-50 for quality accommodation (WP engine, SiteRubix.com)
  • Email Autoresponder: $20 per month (Aweber.com)
  • Domain: $15 per year (Namecheap.com)
  • CoWebsite nstructor: FREE (SiteRubix.com, Weebly.com)
  • A passion/interest: FREE (you decide!)

That’s $85 at most, compared to $57,816.

The way these guys orchestrate things and rip people off thousands of dollars is not how marketing works.

If you want to know how it really works, take a look at my How to Work in the Affiliate Marketing page here.What is digital altitude

I am invoIved in an online community/marketing platform where I have all the tools I need to build a website, and have a domain with hosting included.

All training and training would need to be successful, plus 24/7 live support if you ever got stuck on anything for only $49 a month.

You can try it for free in case you think it’s too good to be true.

You may think that you need a big investment to start your own business and that may be what is holding you back, but that’s not the case.

I am talking about an online community called Wealthy Affiliate. They train you how to turn your passion into your own online business.

All this can be done from the comfort of your own home and is safe to begin with. You will not be asked for a credit card number or personal information.

Now, the only thing you need to do to succeed is to act. Practice what is taught, follow all the training that is offered and ask questions.

Everything is there for you to succeed, the rest is yours. Take a look at my Wealthy affiliate review here for more details before you make your decision.

Altitude digital update

In February 2018, all commercial activities on Digital Altitude were suspended after a lawsuit was filed against them by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission FTC.

So, in addition to the fact that it was a pyramid scheme, Digital Altitude was operating under 20 alias companies around the time the FTC filed its lawsuit.What is digital altitude

Members also complained about the way they continued to switch merchants to be paid, which also appears to be suspicious.

A long list of charges has been filed.

Now, when you go to the site, when you try to register or join, it will not allow you.

So what is digital altitude about? There’s nothing left!

I am always there to help and give feedback. Please leave your questions or comments below.

To your success,


Digital altitude

$1, $37, $67, $127 per month, plus $57,585 in high sales


  • Teach good marketing principles
  • The East to Understand Presentations


  • Expensive Up-Sells
  • Pyramid
  • Must recruit to be paid
  • Coaches are pushing you to improve
  • Won’t make real money until $1000 is invested