What Is Gaming Jobs Online? (Honest Review) | Review and Guide



  • Product name: Online gaming jobs
  • Price: $1 for a 7-day trial, then $27 monthly
  • Owner: Glen Anderson
  • Website: gamingjobsonline.com
  • Aimed at: Players who want to make money online
  • Overall ranking: 1/10
  • Verdict: Scam

What are online gaming jobs? This is a program that promises you that you can earn a living sitting at home playing video games all day long.

The idea seems very interesting, especially for those who like to play video games. I’ll give Jobs Online Review an in-depth game to see if this program lives up to its promises.

Let’s see if it’s legitimate, or if that’s how it sounds, too good to be true.

What are online gaming jobs? Is that legitimate?

So this is a program created by a man named Glen Anderson, and it makes promises that you can earn $49,063 a year just by playing games.

If that is the case, I am sure there would be many more people playing video games. I know I would be if making so much money was that simple.

Let’s take a look at the sales video and what it promises.

I know we’ve all heard the saying, if it’s too good to be true, that it usually is.

So how does this program really work? They claim to connect you with large companies so that you will be able to test some video games and get paid for them.

Some of these companies include Nintendo, Sega, EA, Capcom etc.

They also mention that you can also take surveys for money as well, and that you can make a lot of money by doing this and not just playing video games.

What are online gaming jobs?

Online gaming jobs Red Flags

I want to start by saying, I noticed many red flags on this program just by looking at the sales page.

First of all, there is no information about this Glen Anderson man at all when you search for him with this product. I see him a lot.

Often, when a creator of an online product or program does not show his or her face or prove his or her identity, it usually means that the person does not exist.

When this happens, it means either the product is a scam, or is of very poor quality and the true creator doesn’t want any attention back to his real identity.

I want to emphasize, that when you are trying to make money online, and you are in the market to buy a product or program, you have to do your research.

Proper research on a program can save you a lot of time and money.

Take a look at my How to Avoid Online Marketing Scams Page here.

Another red flag I see is the photos of testimonials on the site. These are false testimonies, not real people. I see it happens all the time.

Let me show you.

What are online gaming jobs?

So, on their sales page, they show this image of a man named Adam Page, who is said to be the editor of Shoot Em’ Up Gaming Magazine.

Oh and by the way, I couldn’t find a “Shoot Em’ Up Gaming Magazine”, but what I found was that.

What are online gaming jobs?

The man they claimed to be Adam Page is actually a man named Ben Judd, and many sources I have found have proven it. That’s typical.

All that took was a simple Google image search, and you can do it with any photo of a person on their sales page.

So my question is, if there is no information about the creator, and they lie about their testimonies, what else can they lie about?

Are there more red flags?

Well, there’s another thing I’d like to mention. This is a ClickBank product, and there is much more just like it. Almost exactly like that. Let’s take a look at the sales page.

What are online gaming jobsWhat are online gaming jobs

Now, it sounds good, but let me show you something else, and tell me if this woman sounds familiar.

What are online gaming jobs

What about this one?

What are online gaming jobs

Yes, it is the same person who uses this woman promoting other poor quality products. I did a review on one of these products, and yes it was of very low quality and had the same configuration and structure of the sales page.

If you want to read this review, take a look at my gold Opinions Review here.

So what does online gaming jobs really offer?

Now that we have passed all the red flags, lets see what this product really has to offer.

Well, I hate to inform you that you will be pushed towards taking polls.

They have lists associated with gaming companies, but this can be found directly on the sites of the companies themselves, making Gaming Jobs Online an intermediary and really useless to buy.

Just like the surveys you will take, they can be found directly on corporate sites, and you won’t need to buy this program.

The similar program I reviewed called Gold Opinions, did the exact same thing. I want you to understand that you will never have to pay to do surveys. What are online gaming jobs

It’s always free from businesses, and they’ll pay you mostly with gift cards, or very little cash.

You won’t find $50 surveys, because most of them are only a few dollars, mostly less than $5.

There is no way that the video game test will earn you close to $50,000 a year.

The way they market this opportunity is very unrealistic.

People are paid for Video Games Test, but it’s not for their pleasure. The reason is to detect problems before the game is available to the public.

Salary is not what is marketed from this sales page by any means.

In addition, many of the links in the member’s domain that should be opportunities to make money do not even work. This is another sign of a poor quality product.

There is some training on how to build a website and monetize it, but the claims that the sales page made is just not true.

Pros and cons


  • A little training on the website building


  • Won’t make the money promised
  • Unknown creator
  • False testimonies
  • Broken links
  • Won’t just make a living playing games as promised

Conclusion on online gaming jobs

So what are online gaming jobs? It’s a joke. I hope that no one will waste their time and effort on this program.

I’ll label it a scam, because they don’t live up to what they promise you in the sales page by all means at all and it’s not fair to take a person’s money for it.

There are better things you can do with your $27 each month.

There is little money to be made by taking surveys, and little money to make by testing video games.

When it comes to video games, real money is made in technical aspects, such as creating and encoding, technical support, etc.

It exisreal ways to make money by working from home, and Affiliate marketing is one of them.

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Online gaming jobs

$1 7-day trial, $27 monthly


  • A little training on the website building


  • Won’t make the money promised
  • Unknown creator
  • False testimonies
  • Broken links
  • Won’t just make a living playing games as promised