What Is Gold Opinions? (Honest Review) | Review and Guide



  • Product name: Golden Opinions
  • Price: $1 for a free 7-day trial, $27 monthly
  • Owner: “Paul Parker”
  • Website: goldopinions.com
  • Aimed at: Survey takers try to make money online
  • Overall ranking: 1/10
  • Verdict: Scam

What are golden opinions? I have read different opinions on this program, and I have decided to do some research myself.

I’ll give a detailed review of this program and see if it’s worth investing your time and money in, or if you should just stay away from it.

What are golden opinions? Is it worth it?

Gold Opinions is another of those paid survey sites. There are many who all seem very similar in my opinion.

It works by getting someone to enroll in the program for a fee. They then receive many surveys that you can take.

Once a survey is completed, you will be able to earn some money to take it, but these amounts are usually very small.

I have never met a paid survey site that has been able to replace its revenue stream by any means. At most, I’ve seen people earn $20-$30 a day after hours of doing surveys.

Let’s take a look at the sales video.

I did a review on a similar product called Takesurveysforcash.com. It was a program like this that made outrageous claims.

If you are interested in learn more about this program, you can read My Review on Takesurveysforcash.com here.

The truth about golden opions

Well, after taking a look at Gold Opinions, I can say that it’s exactly the same as any other paid survey site.

They are just an intermediary, like Takecashforsurveys.com. The reality is that you don’t need to pay to take these surveys online.

The truth is that you can actually go directly to the source of the company that offers the surveys for free and be paid the exact same amount.

All this program does is collect a bunch of survey links from different sources and place them all in one place for your convenience.

You should not have to pay to participate in these kinds of programs. Look at Swagbucks.com, this company does exactly the same thing for free. What are golden opinions

I’m going to label Gold Opinions a Scam.

You should not be charged for something you can do for free, in addition to the fact that they are on their income claims.

They also say they only charge the $27-a-month fee so they don’t have to take commissions of the money you earn.

That is another lie, because they do not work for the companies that will pay you the commission, so they have no say in how to manage their finances.

If this company would just be honest, and say, “Hey look, you can take these surveys for free, but for your convenience, we’ll collect all these free surveys and put them in one place for you for a small fee.”

If that were said, then I would not label this company a scam, but the fact that they have to lie and manipulate you, that’s why I call it a scam.

Anyone who has participated in a program like this, or who has experience in paid surveys, knows that you will not earn $50 per survey.

More fraudulent activity

I’ve been working online for some time now, and I know how to detect a scam. One of the easiest ways is to testify. All it takes is a Google image search to see if things add up.

What are golden opinions?So here’s Joshua and Kathleen making good comments on Gold Opinions.

What are golden opinions?

Here we have Mark and Debra commenting on a different product. Don’t these faces sound familiar to you?

Other research shows that Kathleen/Debra has a Twitter account named Vanetta Copeland.

One might wonder, and if the other site is lying down, and Gold Opinions is honest?

What are golden opinionsNow we have Steven make good reviews on the program.

What are golden opinions?

But here’s Alberto commenting on another program.

The truth of the matter is, many of these people behind these scam products steal photos from many different sources, and make false testimonials.

They do this to make their products seem more believable, so there really is no way to tell who is the real name behind this image.

All I’m trying to prove here is that this is one of the many red flags that a product is not as legitimate as they may appear. You have to do their own research that I order to find the truth.

Even more fraudulent activity

Well, if the false testimonials were not enough, I want to share with you more products, which are also Clickbank Products, which have the same style designs and claims.

Let’s take a look at gold Opinions sales page.

What are golden opinions?

It has a decent design and looks pretty professional. One can be very impressed when you look at how it has been seen on some very official sources.

One could also be very impressed with the way it would have paid more than $8 million to its members. I find that funny, because they are not the ones who pay the members.

The company sites giving surveys are the ones that are actually paying. All they do is take your money.

Tell me if that sounds familiar.

What are golden opinions

Sounds a lot like that.

Same design, same impressive sources, even $8 million paid.

What about this one?

What are golden opinions?

Another company with the same design, the same impressive sources, even 8 million dollars, and this one even has the same women in the sales video.

The creator uses different names in all these, but they are all sold from the same company. The truth is that these other two sales pages, have the exact same strategy.

They act as an intermediary and point you to sites where you can do these activities for free, but will always charge you a monthly fee and make false income promises.

There is no information about any of the creators of these products.

Pros and cons


  • A small amount of money can be made


  • Won’t make the money announced
  • Can be done for free on other sites
  • No information about the Creator
  • Lots of red flags for a scam
  • No way to earn a full-time income


So what is Gold Opinions? This is something I won’t recommend and labeling a scam.

There are too many red flags, and the fact that you can go to these company websites directly and get paid for free eliminates the purpose of paying for it.

There are much more effective ways to make money online. You will only make money if you depend on taking surveys for a living.

Believe me, I’ve given him a chance before.

If you want to make real money online, you should look in Affiliate marketing.

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Shoulder training is very easy to follow, and you will succeed if you follow the training because it is always up to date. What is gold opinions?

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Golden Opinions

$1 for a free 7-day trial, $27 monthly


  • A small amount of money can be made


  • Won’t make the money announced
  • Can be done for free on other sites
  • No information about the Creator
  • Lots of red flags for a scam
  • No way to earn a full-time income