What Is Mobile Monopoly 2.0? – (Review) | Review and Guide



  • Product name: Mobile Monopoly 2.0
  • Price: $47 – $67 monthly and $147 up
  • Owner: Adam Horwitz
  • Website: mobilemonopoly.com
  • Aimed at: Marketing Internet
  • Overall ranking: 3/10
  • Verdict: Not recommended

What is mobile monopoly 2.0? I’ve had a few questions about this product lately.

We will look at this product and see if it is really worth your money and if it lives up to its financial promises that it makes in the sales video.

What is mobile monopoly 2.0?

Mobile Monopoly 2.0 was created by a man named Adam Horwitz. He is well known in the world of Internet marketing for having great success.

This is the same Adam Horwitz who is a co-founder of the very popular flat form called ClickBank University. ClickBank is one of the world’s most successful online training platforms.

You can read my ClickBank University Review here.

So as far as Mobile Monopoly 2.0 goes, I want to start by saying that this product is not brand new.

I’m doing this review because I’m still getting questions about it and it’s still in the ClickBank market in the E-Business – E-Marketing category in the affiliate marketing section.

This product came out shortly after the time when smart phones were advanced enough to be able to play videos and when people were able to shop from them.

So how this system works is once you buy Mobile Monopoly 2.0, you will have access to 3 made for you selling videos with a link for your subscribers to click on and make purchases. What is the mobile monopoly 2.0

You will then receive a commission of 50% – 70% of the price of the products.

You will focus on selling ClickBank products.

This program promises to have more than one source of traffic.

Some of them are free and paid traffic is very cheap compared to other ad networks such as Google.

Once you buy this software, it will take you to the member area.

You can create your marketing campaigns and manage them there.

You will have the option to choose your sales video and change certain aspects such as the text and color of the buttons.

I have to say it’s a brilliant idea because at that time smartphones were getting more and more advanced and more and more people were using their phones for things like online shopping.

It also encourages you to buy the getResponse autoresponder.

This is a very popular autoresponder to this day and is very useful when it comes to building an email list. Part of his training focuses on how to market emails and build a list.

If a customer doesn’t make a purchase by watching the video at the beginning, you’ll still have it on your email list and you can always send them more offers via email.

This is a very successful marketing strategy. If you’ve ever heard the saying, “Money is in the list,” they refer to Email marketing.

there is evidence that consumers buy at a higher rate the second or third time the offer is made.

How is the training?

I must say that the training is rather poor. Many videos do not contain useful information on how to make money from using the software.

Most of it is just how to navigate and use the software itself. Most of the information is about basic email marketing and how to use GetResponse.

This is not top secret information and can be found without being paid. What is the mobile monopoly 2.0

The videos spend a lot of time telling you exactly what to do, but they really don’t show you exactly how to do it.

I would never recommend a system like this to some that is new to Internet marketing.

It doesn’t even teach you how to find and attract traffic.

What it does is recommend a couple of paid (expensive) and free traffic sources, which takes a little time to start earning real money.

I feel like the training was of very poor quality.

The support team is not the best you’ll find either.

Once you have submitted a support note, you will not receive an immediate response.

Some people have never heard of the support.

The Upsells

So, once you buy the product for $47, you will be invited with another sales video. This sales video, of course, asks you for more money.

This is a program called BeastMobi that will help you create compression pages for your campaigns. It will cost you $67 per month.

There are cheaper options out there if you want to build compression pages.

One thing I hate about products like this is that they try to sell you more things before making money from the first thing you bought.

The latest upsell, which will offer you 5 more made for you selling videos, as well as giving you the opportunity to download your own video.

There are much cheaper options if you wanted to create your own sales videos.

Pros and cons


  • Good concept
  • Basic but decent training


  • Not for beginners
  • Bad support
  • False income claims from the use of the system
  • Campaigns don’t convert
  • Many complaints
  • Upsells


What is mobile monopoly 2.0? This is a product I will not recommend.

The training is decent, but can be found for free. The revenue promises it promises you can make from this product are unrealistic.

These are the reasons why this product is no longer available. I don’t know why ClickBank still has it on their market, because you won’t be able to make the purchase.

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The most important thing about starting to make money online is guidance and support. Without proper training, you are likely to fall victim to scams and waste a lot of money, as many of us have.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, there is 24/7 live support in case you ever get stuck on anything.

Shoulder training is very easy to follow, and you will succeed if you follow the training because it is always up to date.What Is Mobile Monopoly 2.0

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your luck is here.

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Monopoly mobile 2.0

$47, $67 monthly, $147


  • Good concept
  • Basic but decent training


  • Not for beginners
  • Many complaints
  • False income claims
  • Upsells
  • Campaigns don’t convert