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  • Product name: Tube target
  • Price: $9.95 monthly, or $27.95 once, $67, $97, $47, $27
  • Owner: Cyril Jeet
  • Website: www.gettubetarget.in
  • Aimed at: People running YouTube ads
  • Overall ranking: 7/10
  • Verdict: Legitimate

So what is The Tube Target? Tube Target is a new product that was recently launched by a man named Cyril Jeet.

This product is made for those who pay and run ads on Youtube. This is actually a pretty good strategy, because YouTube ads are very cheap.

You should also consider that Facebook ads are becoming very expensive, so YouTube would be the best place to advertise on social media, not to mention how large the audience is.

What is The Tube Target? How does it work?

This product helps you identify exactly where to place your ads. What this does is target your audience so that when you place your ad, it will be targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic is what converts, because it reaches the public in your niche who are looking for something, instead of random traffic, that could be anyone, who is more than likely not interested.What is the tube target

That’s why keyword research is very important. When people type keywords, it’s because they’re looking for something.

These are the people who are willing to make a purchase or get information about something.

Tube Target is used as a keyword tool. I think it’s a great idea to target your audience and place an ad in a related video.


  • Finder Keywords It is essentially a keyword tool. You type a sentence, and it will bring out many similar and related keywords.
  • Finder Videos This gives you the ability to see all the videos that contain the keyword you are trying to use. It will display them in a list of thumbnails. You’ll also have access to see how many likes, views and comments the video has made.What is the tube target

I think it’s great in that you can basically figure out how popular a video is, and how much traffic it gets, before placing your ad on it.

  • Channels Finder This tool is used in the same way as the others, but I think it is more important when it comes to traffic.

Once you type your keyword another tile list appears, but this one is YouTube channels that contain your keyword and your audience.

What makes this tool special to me is that it even tells you how many subscribers a channel has. It’s important for traffic. Let’s look at some numbers.

Would you post your ad on a channel with only 50 subscribers or on a channel with 1000 subscribers? It is pretty clear which one will get more traffic.

This product is well organized, and also has a campaigns tab so you can keep track of things.


You can choose to access and purchase this product either monthly which will be $9.95 or make a one-time payment of $27.95.

With this, you can have up to 3 campaigns. Each campaign can have up to 100 videos and 30 channels.

Of course, as with most products, there are upsells. Tube Target has four upsells, or One Time Offers (OTO).

OTO #1 – Tube Target Pro

Price: $67

This offers all the same features as the regular version has, except now you can have everything unlimited as far as campaigns, videos and channels.

they also offer a sales page already made so you can capture emails for email marketing.

OTO #2 – Tube Target Agency

Price: $97

This will give you free traffic, with you paid traffic. This is considered high-ranking software.

OTO #3 – SiteContact Pro

Price: $47

This is software that can generate new leads for you. It will put you in conversation with those who have visited your site on Facebook.

OTO #4 – Memester Pro

Price: $27

This is track ranking software that allows you to track and monitor your own, as well as other YouTube channels.


So what is Tube Target? now that we’ve looked at the product, I have to say that overall I like this product. It can be very beneficial for those who are serious about paying for ads on YouTube.

It will become more popular, because Facebook is becoming very expensive. This leaves YouTube a cheaper option – better.

This product can be very useful both in terms of organizing your campaigns and finding the appropriate videos or channels that you want to place your ad on.

It’s a great way to find your target audience. In my opinion though, you can do this without this product just by doing some keyword searches and some research on channels within your niche.

The good thing is that this product can save someone a lot of time. It’s very good for video marketing when it comes to paying for ads however, it won’t teach you how to start your own business from scratch.

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In order to make real money, you are going to have to build your business. There is no pressing a button that will just generate you thousands overnight. What is the tube target

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Tube target

$9.95 monthly, or $27.95 once, $67, $97, $47, $27

What is the tube target


  • Easy to use
  • Good tools
  • Saves time on research


  • Too many upsells
  • No need if you were willing to invest more time in research