Worldprofit – Login Or Stay Away? | Review and Guide



  • Product name: Worldprofit
  • Price: $0, $37, $99 per month, many sales up
  • Owners: George Kosch and Sandi Hunter
  • Website:
  • Aimed at: Everyone, beginners – Experts
  • Overall ranking: 4/10
  • Verdict: Scam

Worldprofit – Login Or Stay Away is the question we will answer today.

If you’ve been in the Internet marketing space for a while, I’m sure you’ve met this company.

What is Worldprofit?

The Worldprofit Association is an online membership site that is supposed to provide all the tools and training one would need to start an online business. They also have an affiliate program.

There are different levels of membership offered throughout the platform.

Worldprofit was founded in 1994 by George Kosch and Sandi Hunter. George Kosch was a former captain of the Canadian Air Force as a pilot.Worldprofit - Login

Upon his retirement, he started Worldprofit with co-founder Sandi Hunter and their goal was to provide a variety of comprehensive services.

These services were to include training and support for an online global community of home business owners and affiliate marketers.

I also joined global profit when I started Internet marketing. I joined the free membership, and all they did was harass and flood my email with offers.

They constantly pushed me to switch to membership money which is $99 a month.

I did not want to pay for it until I knew for sure that this program was worth it. I wanted to see the results before I went any further with the company.

Then I was pushed back to this offer, which offered to pay me $37 for something called the Diamond URL Rotatur.

This system offered to give me free traffic to 5 sites for a whole year. I changed a few different sites throughout the year. I haven’t done a single conversion.Worldprofit - Login

At first I thought it was my URL, but I realized that these are very high conversion offers that I was promoting at the time.

I did some research and found that I was not the only one who had these complaints. Nevertheless, the year passed and I did not see a penny.

They then had the nerve to ask me to pay again, and continued to send me several emails after I didn’t subscribe several times.

This program is not even close to comparing the up-to-date tools, support and training that my FREE #1 recommendation has to offer. Started by clicking here.

Pros and cons


  • Free membership
  • Decent training on online marketing
  • A wide variety of ‘resources’ to choose from


  • Training is out of date
  • Many complaints about the company
  • None of the traffic they promise converted
  • You are obliged to upgrade
  • You are trained to recruit, More than one Mlm that affiliate marketing
  • They promote other get-rich-quick scams
  • Must buy membership to access training and tools
  • Many sales on the rise

Who is Worldprofit for

It is supposed to be for beginners and experts. It is intended for anyone who wants to start an online business and work from their own home. It also claims that it can scale your business online if you already have one.

He claims he can help your online business by giving it a lot of traffic. He claims to have all the necessary tools. However, all the tactics they talk about so strongly are outdated and would not convert all the sales they demand.

If you want to learn what you really need to start making money online the right way, check out my How to Work in the Affiliate Marketing page here.

Tools and training

  • Domain and web hosting
  • Answering machine
  • Generation “Traffic”
  • Training on many areas to make money online (obsolete)
  • Everything You Need to Know Websites

Internet marketers should be very skeptical about the type of help and tools promised by this company.

Ready to use websites, traffic generation, lead leads, and more. These types of companies are known to have serious customer complaints, which Worldprofit already has.Worldprofit - Login

When a third-party company provides you with all the important aspects of your business, it is actually the ones who run your business and dictate how you make money.

As an affiliate marketer, YOU want to be in control of your OWN business.

That’s why I suggest updating the training that teaches you how to build your business from scratch the way you want and be able to manage your website the way you want.


They claim to offer expert training, technical and client support. World Profit specializes in providing live and recorded training that is available 24/7.

Like most MLM coaches, these experts will push you to upgrade until you have all the necessary tools. In other words, you will have to buy all their many up-sells to succeed with their program.

It is clear that they are more on sales than actually helping you, which is what many of their customer complaints are about.


They offer a free membership, but it’s just to put you on their email list so they can bombard you with emails to upgrade to their money membership which is $99 a month.

They will also invite you to purchase the Diamond URL Rotator which will offer you free traffic to 5 websites for a year that will never convert for $37.
There are many up-sells for products that just aren’t worth it. They just don’t work and are outdated.

Worldprofit – Login Or Stay Away? I think you can answer that now

Tools and training simply won’t support a successful online business. On top of that, their traffic does not convert to sales. The techniques they promote will probably get your site deindexed by Google.

The only way to make money with World Profit now is to recruit other members and earn an affiliate commission.

It is essentially an MLM company now. You only recruit members to teach them how to recruit members.

This is not a way to run an online business. I am involved in a community that strives to help you succeed.

A community that will help you build your business from scratch and guide you through all aspects of Internet marketing.Worldprofit - Login

I am talking about an online community called Wealthy Affiliate. They train you how to turn your passion into your own online career.

All this can be done from the comfort of your own home and is safe to begin with.

You will not be asked for a credit card number or personal information.

Wealthy Affiliate has top-of-the-line training on all topics when it comes to making money online, including keyword search, SEO, email marketing, PPC, among others.

It also offers free websites, free domains and hosting to support your websites. There are 24/7 live support in case you ever get stuck.

Now, the only thing you need to do to succeed is to act. Practice what is taught, follow all the training that is offered and ask questions.

Everything is there for you to succeed, the rest is yours.

Take a look at my Wealthy affiliate review here for more details before you make your decision.

I am always there to help and give feedback. Please leave your questions or comments below.

To your success,



Worldprofit - Login


  • Free membership offered
  • Decent training
  • Available resources


  • Outdated training
  • Many customer complaints
  • You are in a hurry to upgrade membership
  • Many Up-Sells
  • Traffic does not convert